5 essential things cabin crew always have in their bags

Cabin crew have to be prepared for anything, so they tend to carry more in their crew bag than we would like. Of course, like everyone else, we need our wallets, keys, phones, and those everyday items.

If a crew member is flying and on duty, they must also carry their passport, crew ID card, cabin crew license, medical certificate and health insurance details . They should also carry copies of their safety procedures manual, aircraft type manual, first aid manual, and quick reference manual or checklist required by the airline and authority. of aviation. These can also be in digital format and there will be a copy on board the aircraft.

Flight attendants at JFK. Photo: Jet Blue

Cabin crew will also be provided with a company service apron or vest, spare socks and cabin shoes (low-heeled shoes for women during a flight). If you have an overnight or standby stop you will have extra civilian clothes to wear on the road – usually there is a selection as you might find yourself in the tropics or the arctic.


5 Snacks and water

You never know if you’ll need it while you’re on standby, during your flight if you don’t get a crew meal, or if you’ll need it en route. It’s good to have an emergency supply, just in case.

4 Toiletry bag

It’s a good idea to make your own amenity kit with things you will use. You can get sample size products from some department stores or supermarkets, sometimes give them away for free. Or use hotel amenities during your overnight stay, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, comb and perfume are essential. If you wear makeup, mini powders, concealer, mascara, and lipstick/lip balm can save the day. Also, it’s handy to have if you get an unexpected overnight shutdown due to the plane’s “running technology” (the plane is grounded due to a technical problem.)

3 First aid items

Paracetamol or a mild pain reliever is good to have on hand. A few bandages can help when crew shoes cause blisters. Eye drops and a nasal inhaler will increase comfort on long-haul flights. Cooling gel for burns is a great emergency item to have as cabin crew are prone to burns from ovens and meal grills. Of course, since the pandemic, spare masks and gloves are crucial, as well as hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes.

Emirates cabin crew uniform. Photo: Emirates

2 Sewing kit

You know those tiny sewing kits you find in hotel drawers, with a needle, thread, button and safety pin? It becomes an essential crew bag, as you’d be surprised how many buttons fall off your uniform during a flight. At least you can keep the standards uniform by sewing the buttons back on.

1 Pens and notebooks

This is a standard hiding place for overnight hotel cabin crew. You can never have enough pens and hotel notepads in your crew bag. Notebooks are handy for jotting down passenger beverage orders in the cabin or calculating a currency conversion for in-flight retail or simply writing down your shopping list after landing. Passengers always ask for pens when they have to fill in their immigration cards and of course you will never see the pen again, so it’s always best to have a few extras.

Depending on the airline, cabin crew may be required to carry a retail kit for the sale of duty-free goods or purchase onboard items and a charity ambassador kit to collect donations for the association. preferred charity of the airline’s choice, this differs from airline to airline.

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