Benton County Shrinks Locations for New Jail and Other Court Pieces | Local

• Concept 2 provides for the same three rooms on a property along Hwy 99W in South Corvallis, near the South East Kiger Island Boardwalk.

• Concept 3a includes the prison and sheriff / emergency rooms at the reservoir site, the new courthouse joining the downtown crisis center.

• Concept 3b includes the jail and sheriff / emergency center on Highway 99W as well as the new courthouse and downtown crisis center.

Several councilors have expressed a preference for siting as many rooms downtown as possible, but Joe Kerby, county administrator, noted that parking would be a challenge downtown and the city is still negotiating with Lumen. / Century Link for his property on Northwest Fourth Street. .

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County officials also noted that working with the “west” site on the reservoir would be less costly than the “south” plot on Route 99W due to the transportation infrastructure and wetland issues that exist at the south site. .

The cost of the parts, said Nick Kurth, the project leader would be: $ 50 million for a 120-bed prison (replacing the 40-bed model), $ 2-5 million for the crisis center, $ 35 million dollars for the new courthouse, $ 16-25 million for sheriff / emergency operations and up to $ 20 million for the historic courthouse.

The county has $ 2.5 million for the crisis center and $ 20 million for the new courthouse. At the high end, that might mean as much as $ 113 million that would need to be funded through the bond issuance. Kurth and county officials hope to reduce that to $ 100 million or less, perhaps by postponing work on the old courthouse.

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