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The Canopy Respirator was named this year’s RISE Innovation Award winner at the INDA RISE Virtual Conference in September. The annual award recognizes innovation in fields within and on the periphery of the nonwoven industry that use advanced scientific and technical principles to develop unique or complex solutions to problems and advance the use of non-woven fabrics.

The Canopy Respirator is an innovative, fully mechanical, non-electrostatic respirator with a filter designed for superior breathability while providing facial transparency to the wearer. The revolutionary respirator features 5.5mm water column resistance at 85 liters (three cubic feet) per minute, two-way filtration and a pleated filter that contains over 500 square centimeters of area. The patented Canopy respirator resists fluids and eliminates fogging of goggles.

“We are honored and touched! Thanks to INDA for championing the national production of PPE and to the INDA member companies who have played a key role as partners in making Canopy a reality, ”said Joe Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of Canopy.

Other nominees for the award included John Mansville for their Evalith® 1000 series, an innovative Alpha binder which is a formaldehyde-free, high biocarbon and non-toxic binder formulation, and TiGuard, LLC for their fiber coating, heat sealable. , Breathable hybrid membrane, protective fabric.

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