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Netflix’s crime thriller the guilty takes place during an incredibly tense shift of a 911 operator, and as such, it leaves more than a few questions unanswered. In this remake of the 2018 Danish film of the same name, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joe Baylor, an LAPD officer working in a 911 call center. It is revealed early on that Joe is awaiting a hearing for an incident that occurred while he was in service several months before the events of the film. After Joe receives a call from a young woman named Emily Lighton who says she has been kidnapped, he begins his own investigation in order to save her.

the guilty focuses on both Joe’s attempts to help Emily and how her professional and personal life fell apart. It’s a tense and concise film, and Gyllenhaal’s excellent performance deserved the guilty positive reviews. As the whole narrative exists in one night in one place, all of the film’s reveal takes place via phone calls and conversations, leaving much of what happens to the public imagination.

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As the guilty is a tale filled with twists and turns and revelations, its realistic framing arrangement actually leaves a lot of ambiguity. The don’t-show style has been put to good use in many other films, but it requires the guilty leave a number of burning questions unanswered. Some of them may be easier to solve than others, but there are others that one simply cannot answer – despite the guiltythe inspiration of a true story.

Why did Joe kill the boy?

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One of the guiltyTwists and turns is the revelation the incident alluded to throughout the film was that Joe killed a young man named Joseph while he was on duty. His only real explanation for this comes with extreme emotion, and it’s hard to extrapolate the exact reason for Joe’s actions. Joe first claims that he killed Joseph just because he could, then adds that he wanted to punish him. He goes on to add that Joseph had hurt someone, but he is not able to say it with conviction, doubting himself even if he says it out loud. Finally, he stutters something on his father that is not developed. In Joe’s emotional explanation of what happened, it’s not clear why Joe committed the crime – in fact, it’s implied that Joe himself doesn’t even know it.

Why was Joe separated from his wife?

It’s clear from the start that Joe’s professional integrity is in great question and his relationship with his wife Jess is strained. It’s easy to assume the two are related, but there are several aspects of the film that imply the opposite. Joe demonstrates his explosive temper several times throughout the film, and although Jess appears to dodge her calls, she informs him that her partner has been in talks with the FBI, implying that she at least partially supports him in his case. There’s also the issue of Joe’s daughter, Paige – it implies he’s estranged from her as well, which is probably not the result of his professional issues. The role of Jess and Paige in the guiltythe cast of characters is incredibly limited, but it seems very likely that Joe’s anger and instability is the reason for the family breakup – anyway, that’s not a question that the guilty answers.

How did Oliver survive?

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One of the guiltyThe many twists and turns are that Oliver, Emily and Henry’s toddler son, is seriously injured and presumed dead after being left alone with his six-year-old sister, Abby. It is revealed that Emily hurt him when she says she “pulled the snakes out of her belly“- implying that she at least tried to gut it. one hour. The same officers are heard. saying he is not breathing, and their reaction implies that his injuries are horrific, but are part of the guiltyThe twist ending reveals that Oliver survived his injuries. It’s unclear exactly how, as everyone believes, his injuries – and the time that has elapsed since he suffered them – should have killed him, although how exactly he beat those odds is not something that the film discusses.

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What will happen to Emily and Henry?

Emily and Henry are Abby and Oliver’s parents, and their future is uncertain as the guiltythe credits of. Emily received pre-treatment for her mental illness before injuring Oliver, and if indeed the boy survives the events of the film, she will most likely receive more robust medical care. However, Henry has a history of assault and then ran away from a crime scene without notifying the police, kidnapping his ex-wife in the process. One of the guiltyThe twists reveal that his intention was to get Emily to a safe place, but he also left his six-year-old daughter Abby alone with a seriously injured Oliver. Given Henry’s criminal record, it seems likely he would end up behind bars as well.

What will happen to Abby and Oliver?

What happens to children depends in large part on what happens to their parents. It’s safe to say that Emily wouldn’t be allowed to care for them, and if Henry is also facing jail, there’s a good chance the kids will be in the care of a parent or family. reception. There is also the question of whether or not Oliver will survive his injuries – it is revealed at the end of the film that he is alive and in intensive care, but there is no word on his actual condition, so l The future of children is far from certain.

What will happen to Joe?

Joe is revealed to plead guilty to manslaughter at the end of the film after admitting to Emily that he had no reason to kill Joseph. While many other factors in the incident remain unknown, there are many real precedents for Joe’s situation. With the recent high-profile police convictions resulting in lengthy prison terms, it looks like Joe is on the verge of receiving the same treatment. Regardless of his guilty plea and apparent remorse, the most obvious result is that he will be serving time behind bars.

Does the culprit defend or condemn police brutality?

There is a debate on the guilty‘s correct position on the issue of police brutality and misconduct. Although Joe is not a completely unfriendly protagonist, he exhibits many volatile and dangerous behaviors, seeing himself as a victim until the events of the film change his perspective. While some believe that the guilty puts a sympathetic face on police brutality, others think it serves as a chilling examination of how dangerous people can find themselves in positions of power – albeit Joe’s unstable nature and the rude treatment of those who surround it means that the film leans more towards the latter. Leaving this ambiguous was a wise move on the part of director Antoine Fuqua, as taking an explicit position on the urgent issue could have hampered the film’s appeal and alienated some of its potential audience.

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What is the significance of headaches and Joe’s inhaler?

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Very probably the guiltyThe most puzzling unanswered question has no clear explanation. Joe’s addiction to his inhaler is evident, although he spends much of the film grasping it, and since he uses it very little, he apparently acts as a talisman for his toxic masculinity as he struggles. against its own limits. Between his fits of rage and frequent headaches, it is implied that Joe finds it difficult to accept his actions, but no broader context is offered for the headache or the inhaler, and this one seems destined to go unanswered.

the guiltyThe unique setting of and its 90-minute battery life doesn’t offer much scope to explore the wider implications of its history. While this may seem unsatisfying to some, it adds to the realism of the film and allows for a much more immersive experience. In some films, the quest for realism can become a problem, but for the guilty quite the opposite, which paints a heartbreaking and all too plausible picture of today’s law enforcement. He may not answer all the questions he raises, but that only serves to make the guilty all the more memorable.

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