Get Free Amazon Gift Certificate With Bajaj Housing Finance Online Home Loan

Falling mortgage interest rates have forced individuals to invest more in real estate. And external financing in the form of home loans remains the most preferred option for financing these investments in India.

The growth of the mortgage industry, even in these turbulent times, suggests how beneficial the RBI’s decision to keep the repo rate at 4% has been for housing finance companies.

Since most financial institutions have announced reduced home loan rates, finding the right lender can be overwhelming. With competitive interest rates, Bajaj Housing Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, makes the process not only affordable, but also convenient with benefits like minimal documentation, in-home service, and more. facilities.

Recently, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL) announced an attractive proposition for home loan clients in addition to their existing consumer friendly loan terms. Customers have the option to get free Amazon vouchers worth up to Rs 10,000 when obtaining a home loan through the online home loan application form on the BHFL website.

Here are some factors that now make the most appropriate time to take advantage of a Bajaj Housing Finance mortgage and finance the purchase of a house.

  • Apply for a home loan online with BHFL and get free Amazon vouchers worth 10,000 rupees

For borrowers who want to apply for a home loan, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited has an exclusive offer. Customers must complete the home loan application form on the BHFL website by July 22, 2021 to be eligible for the offer. Here are some details on the same.

Individuals get Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 rupees for home loan of up to 50 lakh rupees

People opting for a home loan greater than Rs.50 lakh are eligible for a voucher worth Rs.10,000

Note that the offer is only valid if the loan amount is disbursed before July 30, 2021.

Since this is a limited time offer, potential borrowers should apply early to get the maximum benefit. Apart from this offer, read carefully to find out how borrowers can benefit from BHFL credit facilities.

  • Benefits of Bajaj Housing Finance home loans

The affordability of this advance makes it easy for borrowers to apply for a high value home loan without having to worry about heavy IMEs. Flexible repayment tenure, online application facility, etc., just add to the convenience of availing the loan. In addition to these, here is a list of other benefits that you can expect from home loans offered by this HFC:

  • Easy to fulfill eligibility conditions

The HFC brings easy-to-meet eligibility requirements that can help borrowers to avail the loan hassle-free. Here are some of those criteria:

Job type: Employee

Age: Between 23 and 62 years old

Residence status: Indian resident

Experience: At least 3 years

  • Ease of convenient balance transfer

If you find yourself forced to pay higher interest rates, opting for a home loan balance transfer is your solution. The prospect of reduced IMEs, top-up facilities, etc. are some of the reasons borrowers opt for this refinancing option. With Bajaj Housing Finance, you benefit from a convenient repayment schedule, attractive interest rates, and minimal documentation to ensure faster processing.

  • Additional amount without any end-use restriction

From your child’s education costs to home improvement expenses, whatever your financial needs, have it all covered by getting a top-up loan when refinancing a home loan. Even though the HFC offers a large refill amount, be sure to assess your repayment capacity before asking for a large amount.

  • Ease of early repayment and foreclosure

If you are applying for a home loan as a private buyer, no additional fees will be charged if you decide to prepay before the end of the term of your choice. As mortgage loans are considered a long-term commitment, it is advisable to choose the repayment period wisely to better manage other financial liabilities.

A home loan IME calculator is available on the Bajaj Housing Finance website, where you can check different loan amounts and repayment term combinations before making a decision.

The availability of pre-approved offers may facilitate the use of this loan for existing HFC customers. These offers are available on various financial products including home loans, home loans, etc. Therefore, to get a better deal, be sure to verify your pre-approved offer by submitting your name and contact details. Apply online.

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