Glass Pharms Provides Funding for World’s First Carbon-Negative Medical Cannabis Growing Facility

LONDON, 20 December 2021 Glass Pharms has reached an agreement with a leading infrastructure investment fund to provide up to £ 22.5million in funding for the construction of the first dedicated medical cannabis cultivation facility to be by carbon negative design.

  1. A grow installation that is Carbon Negative by design

Glass Pharms is constructing an advanced 2.5 hectare greenhouse in the south of England which will be fed by an anaerobic digestion plant. The plant turns food waste into electricity, with the hot waste water from the plant being used for both heating and cooling in the greenhouse. The Glass Pharms facility will be accredited to verify its carbon neutral status.

2. Glass Pharms holds UK’s first commercial license for third party supply

Currently, almost all of the medical cannabis supplied to patients in the UK is imported, with an inconsistency in quality and supply. Glass Pharms has the first UK commercial license granted by the Home Office to supply high THC cannabis flowers to legitimate third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies. This will allow the company to cultivate medical cannabis in accordance with the appropriate regulatory standards for subsequent supply to UK pharmacies and clinics.

“We will support a secure medical cannabis supply chain to the UK, while making a real contribution to UK Net Zero goals.” noted James duckenfield, CEO.

3. What Glass Pharms means by “pharmaceutical grade culture”

Growing to the fine tolerances required by the pharmaceutical industry for medical cannabis flower is difficult in traditional greenhouses and is usually the preserve of energy inefficient indoor facilities. Glass Pharms’ cultivation facility plans to achieve these standards using a range of methods, including AI-based environmental management systems to control a range of increasing variables.

“The result will be a reproducible end product, which means UK medical cannabis patients will benefit from a fresh product that meets their quality requirements with a predictable supply. We look forward to being able to supply our customers in 2022. ”said Duckenfield.

The agreement to provide funding of up to £ 22.5million is the largest dedicated infrastructure investment in the medical cannabis industry in the UK to date, demonstrating real confidence in the fact that medical cannabis has a long-term and sustainable future in the UK.

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