Innovations and Growth Opportunities in Digital Care Platforms, New Catheters, Imaging, and Surgical Planning Solutions Markets, 2022 Report –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Innovations and growth opportunities in digital care platforms, new catheters, imaging and surgical planning solutions” report has been added to from offer.

The report describes a wide range of innovations from the advanced medical device and imaging industry. The issue includes new catheter technologies, such as drug-coated balloons, focused-force coronary dilation catheters, and ultrasound-guided endovascular valve formation systems. Some of the digital innovations include virtual reality-based pain relief, AI-based behavioral care, non-invasive digital blood glucose monitoring, virtual prenatal and postpartum care, and digital wound management solutions. .

Other technological innovations in medical imaging and surgical visualization, such as functional brain positron emission tomography, patient-specific three-dimensional (3D) surgical planning and intraoperative 3D X-ray holographic visualization were also discussed. . These innovations illustrate the diversity of their levels of technological readiness, indicating an immediate or potential impact on the market. The growth opportunities for all of these advanced medical device technologies are also discussed in this issue.

The Advanced MedTech TOE analyzes and reports new and emerging technologies; advances in R&D, product development and regulatory issues specifically related to the fields of CT, MRI, NM, PET, ultrasound, X-ray, neurology, ophthalmology, respiration /anaesthesia, wound care and management, surgical tools and instruments, drug administration, orthopaedics, endoscopy, cardiology and monitoring.

Also, relevant developments in fusion technologies, functional imaging technology, interventional cardiology, image guided surgery and health informatics related fields such as PACS, medical information storage and disaster recovery/business continuity will also be covered.

Medical Devices and Imaging Technology and Innovation Research covers cutting-edge global developments in the medical device and imaging sectors such as biosensors, biomaterials, biomechanics, microtechnology, nanotechnology, assistive technologies and imaging technology platforms.

Innovations and growth opportunities in digital care platforms, new catheters, imaging and surgical planning solutions

  • Innovations in medical devices and imaging

  • Immersive home therapy for chronic pain relief

  • Cost-effective, self-directed therapy allowing patients to learn real-world coping skills

  • Appliedvr – Investor Dashboard

  • Precise localized heat therapy for evaporative dry eye

  • Open-eye design allows for patient comfort during treatment

  • Vision Sciences – Investor Dashboard

  • Balloon coated with minimally invasive urethral drug

  • Administration of drugs to the urethral wall limits the recurrence of urethral stricture

  • Urotronic – Investor Dashboard

  • AI-powered voice technology for effective behavioral care delivery

  • Eleos state-of-the-art voice analytics and artificial intelligence for clinician administrative tasks, allowing time for effective behavioral patient care

  • Eleos Health – Investor Dashboard

  • Non-invasive and painless digital technology for glucose monitoring

  • Gsense device with nanotechnology and AI-based sensor to measure glucose using patient’s saliva as sample

  • Nutrix Gmbh – Investor Dashboard

  • Cost-effective functional brain imaging device

  • Ultra-compact pet brain imaging system for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Positrigo Ag – Investor Dashboard

  • 3D planning software for orthopedic implant surgery

  • Numex planning software for efficient simulation and planning of orthopedic surgery

  • Numex Gmbh – Investor Dashboard

  • Ar, telecollaboration and spatial data to transform surgery and patient care

  • Mediview’s combined technology designed for surgical navigation, diagnostic imaging and improving patient care

  • Mediview Xr Inc. – Investor Dashboard

  • Portable electrocardiogram machine to monitor heart health problems in patients

  • Simple to use device for hassle-free ECG monitoring

  • Sunfox Technologies Private Limited Investor Dashboard

  • Virtual antenatal and postpartum care platform for pregnant women

  • Comprehensive platform that offers maternal care education and health monitoring

  • 1Eq Inc-Investor Dashboard

  • Complete Digital Wound Management Solution

  • Digital wound care solution that increases patient health literacy

  • Acelity, Inc – Investor Dashboard

  • Focused Force Coronary Dilatation Catheter

  • Focused force dilation allows safe and controlled modification of the stenosis

  • Orbusneich Medical-Investor Dashboard

  • Non-implant endovenous valve formation for chronic venous insufficiency

  • Cost-effective treatment system can form monocuspid, bicuspid and multilevel valves in one procedure

  • Intervene Inc. – Investor Dashboard

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