Le Bonheur is the first in the region to perform a pulmonary valve replacement for Tetralogy of Fallot by catheterization using a new Harmony valve approved by the FDA

MEMPHIS, Tennessee., 22 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tony and Karyn Tanner of Bossier City, Louisiana., knew that the day would come sooner rather than later for their 17-year-old daughter, Madi.

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Born with tetralogy of fallot (TOF), a congenital heart defect that changes blood flow in the heart, she needed pulmonary valve replacement, a necessary procedure for TOF patients in adolescence.

Until recently, open heart valve replacement surgery was the only option for Madi and children like her. But thanks to a new device – the Harmony Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve (TPV) system – Le Bonheur Medical Director of the Interventional Catheterization Laboratory Shyam Sathanandam, MD, can perform pulmonary valve replacement for TOF patients through a minimally invasive catheterization procedure. Le Bonheur is the first hospital in the region to offer this device and this procedure.

The TPV System is the first minimally invasive therapy approved by the FDA for pulmonary valve replacement in children with TOF who underwent transannular patch repair as infants. Previous expandable valves did not adapt to the anatomy of patients who underwent TOF repair. The new device works by restoring efficient blood flow from the right ventricle to the lungs.

“This valve is a game-changer for patients who need pulmonary valve replacement because it will prevent TOF patients from needing multiple open heart surgeries throughout their lives,” Sathanandam said.

Madi was diagnosed with TOF when she was 2 days old. She had her first open heart surgery for TOF repair at 4 months and at 4 years a stent was placed in her left pulmonary artery. Since then, she has been able to lead a busy, fun and active life. Yet, she and her parents knew that once her heart reached full growth, she would need another open heart operation for the replacement of the pulmonary valve.

During an annual MRI appointment, his cardiologist at Shreveport, Louisiana., decided it was time for the valve replacement to take place. But he had a new suggestion: undergo a minimally invasive catheterization procedure for valve replacement at Le Bonheur Heart Institute. After being trained in Happiness, the cardiologist knew he could be continually involved in conversations with Sathanandam throughout Madi’s procedure and recovery.

“We asked our cardiologist, ‘If this was your child, where would you have had this procedure? ”Said Karyn. “He told us to go to Le Bonheur where he trusted all the cardiologists, knew them all and had worked with them all. That sealed the deal for us.”

Throughout the month of October, Madi and her family traveled to Le Bonheur on several occasions to undergo catheters to remove her existing stent and prepare for the new valve. She faced multiple complications – the original stent shifting, a balloon piece from the stent landing in her lungs – all of which were alleviated by Sathanandam’s quick reflection in the cath lab.

Finally, on 25 october, Sathanandam performed a catheterization procedure to put the new valve in place. During the procedure, blood flow was blocked to Madi’s left lung, so he also placed a stent on top of the valve, making Madi the only person in the world with a Harmony valve with a stent through her. .

Less than a week later, Madi was at her home in Louisiana celebrating Halloween with friends and family – something that would have been impossible with an open heart procedure.

“Currently, implantation of an open-heart surgical valve is the primary treatment option for children like Madi, but this new valve and its minimally invasive procedure covers many TOF patients who undergo the initial TOF repair operation. “Sathanandam said. “Typically, these patients have to undergo multiple heart surgeries throughout their lives for valve replacements. Now there is a good chance that they will no longer need operations beyond reconstructive surgery. initial when they were children. “

Since her valve replacement, Madi has had two ECHOs which showed excellent blood flow to her heart. And her parents felt lighter knowing that she didn’t have to face the risks associated with open heart surgery.

Madi will continue to have follow-up near her home with her own cardiologist, who is in communication with Sathanandam on Madi’s progress. In the meantime, she can start enjoying her freshman year of high school again as an honorary student with a knack for art and drama.

“Madi can take any tough situation, even a valve replacement, and find pleasure in it,” Karyn said. “We felt like Le Bonheur greeted us – from nurses putting Madi at ease singing with her to needlesticks or staff offering to go shopping for us. first necessity.”

And Sathanandam is grateful to have another option to help this patient population who previously had to undergo risky open procedures for valve replacement. Because of these risks, valve replacement was delayed as long as possible until the heart was close to failure.

“Now, with this simple technique, we can replace the valve much earlier, before the heart breaks down,” Sathanandam said. “This opens a new frontier for the future management of these patients – future percutaneous valves can be implanted in this valve.”

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