Penryn teenager Nathan Dunstan died after inhaling gas from deodorant cans

A teenager has died after inhaling gases from spray cans, his investigation has learned.

The inquest into the death of Nathan Daniel Thomas Dunstan took place today at Cornwall Coroner’s Court.

Nathan, 15, was found dead at his home in Penryn on the morning of Thursday, October 31, 2019.

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Nathan had been in foster care since birth and was adopted by Larretta and Robert Dunstan when he was around 14 months old.

The hearing heard that Nathan had a history of self-harm and behavioral issues.

Ms Dunstan said Nathan attended school at Penryn College on October 30, the day before he died.

She said he spent most of the evening in his room.

His parents said Nathan woke them up around 1:10 a.m. after hearing noises coming from his bedroom.

They entered his room, where he was lying on his back in his bed and seemed to be having a nightmare.

Ms Dunstan said he appeared to be in a “deep sleep”. She explained, “Nathan has had nightmares in the past and we knew he was a heavy sleeper, so we weren’t duly worried at the time.”

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However, in the morning around 7:30 am, Mr. Dunstan returned to his son’s room to wake him up for school.

But when he found it, he was dead.

Coroner Andrew Cox said Nathan died from inhaling volatile gases, especially butane and propane.

He said: “An investigation revealed the presence of a large number of spray cans in his room with a sock containing white powder.”

He said the sock appears to have been used as a filter through which Nathan inhaled the various gases.

Mr Cox said police evidence did not reveal any third party involvement or suspicious circumstances.

He said Nathan died of his own actions.

In her testimony, Ms Dunstan said that she originally “didn’t think a thing” of the large number of aerosols in her room.

But, said: “That night after we got home [following Nathan’s death] I had time to think it over and remembered Nathan asking me to buy him four cans of deodorant the day before he died. “

She said she walked into his room and found ten empty cans, mostly deodorant body sprays, and they were all empty, meaning he used the four she bought him minus. 24 hours ago.

She said they knew Nathan smoked and drank alcohol on occasion, but didn’t know he was on drugs and now believed he had abused aerosols.

But Mr Cox ruled out the possibility of suicide, adding that there was no evidence to support that conclusion.

He said: “What happened here is that Nathan has had a habit for some time, unknown to his parents, of abusing aerosols, whether it is to have a short shot or to to put his feelings, insecurities or to help him sleep or a combination of those, I’m not sure. “

Nathan once texted another teenager, who said, “If I die, I’m sorry.

She asked him what he meant, but there was no response. The witness said she knew he was using spray cans to get high.

She explained that he was struggling with his emotions and that he would try to find a way to “make them go away”.

She also said he had trouble falling asleep and was thinking too much, so he inhaled aerosols to help her.

Mr Cox said: “I have no doubts that the death was due to the intentional use of deodorants to get high, but I don’t think Nathan intended to kill himself.

“So this was an unintended or unexpected result. The question then remains as to what is the appropriate conclusion to record.

“I think the best conclusion to come back here is that the death resulted from the consequences of an accident, so Nathan deliberately or intentionally used the deodorant to get high, but he did not indicate that it would take the turn that would result in his death.

“So I will make a conclusion on an accidental death and that will bring us to the end of the formal investigation process.”

Mr Cox asked investigator DS Schofield to convey his condolences to the family.

After Nathan’s death was announced, a spokesperson for Penryn College said the teenager was a valued member of the school community.

The school spokesperson said: “On the morning of Thursday, October 31, we learned of the sudden death of one of our students.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by this news.

“The individual was a valued member of our school community and will be sadly missed by staff and his peers.

“Our thoughts are with the individual’s family and friends during this difficult time.”

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