Restored BMW R69S ’64 Features Award-Winning Beauty Components and Matching Numbers

Considering how tidy this classic Bavarian looks, we honestly think it deserves to be placed in a museum.

In 2016, this numbered 1964 BMW R69S won the ‘Best Motorcycle’ award at the Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance at Englewood. The Beemer was acquired by its current owner four years earlier, and it was then delivered to Sonoma Classic Motorbikes in Cali for an invigorating overhaul.

To start with, the restoration consisted of a complete repaint and a complete overhaul of the powertrain sector, where Californian specialists installed new bearings and seals. The engine crankshaft and Bing carbs have been reconditioned to ensure proper functioning, while the wiring harness, oil deflectors, and control cables have all been replaced with modern alternatives.

After a complete rebuild, the 18 inch wheels of the motorcycle were wrapped in a pair of high-end Heidenau K36 tires. A few months ago the bike’s refueling system was fitted with premium hoses and a new fuel cock for good measure, concluding the renovation. In terms of specs and fundamentals, the Bavaria is powered by a 594cc air-cooled boxer twin, mated to a four-speed gearbox and dry single-disc clutch.

Equipped with two Bing inhalers and a total of four push-button valves, the engine is capable of producing up to 42 hp at 7,000 rpm. When it hits the rear shaft driven hoop, that force translates into a respectable top speed of 109 mph (175 km / h). Braking power is generated by a duplex drum brake at the front and a simplex unit at the rear, both with a diameter of 200 mm (7.9 inches).

In terms of suspension, the ’64 MY R69S is equipped with Earles forks and two adjustable preload shocks. This old-school showstopper is heading for the auction block on Bring A Trailer, and the current auction is listed at $ 25,000 (for now). If you think your wallet can handle it, feel free to check this thing out on the BaT platform in the next three days, as the auction deadline is Friday, January 7th.

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