SLB will accept online loan payments by the end of the year | New

Customers of the Student Loans Bureau (SLB) will be able to make their loan payments online before the end of this year.

Deputy Executive Director Charmaine Rose Anderson said online payments will be facilitated through the Strategic Transformation End-User Experience Portal (STEEP), also known as the Customer Portal.

“Students will be able to make payments directly from the portal using their debit or credit card; this is a wonderful new feature for customers. You don’t need to enter SLB… [or] go to Paymaster to make a payment. Rose Anderson told JIS News.

She said the SLB decided to institute the arrangement after analyzing the relevant data.

“We noticed that information over the years showed that the number of customers… making these cash payments… [is] very small. Everyone uses a debit or credit card, more so a debit card. So right now [our] portal, you can make your payments using your debit and credit cards,” she noted.

She said that the payment option interface will be simple and similar to other existing portals.

“If you make your payments on the Jamaican Public Service (JPS) My Pay [platform] with your debit or credit card, the appearance will be very similar. The system is not yet fully implemented, as we are doing it in stages. But…well before December, all customers will be able to make payments through the customer portal,” she said.

In the meantime, the SLB will soon offer the possibility of making refunds directly on its website.

“This is additional development, and we are in discussions with our Jamaica Information Service (JIS) web developers to add this functionality,” the deputy executive director said.

She noted that this new feature will allow people to make loan repayments on behalf of borrowers.

“If I need to make a payment for my daughter, and I don’t have a portal account because I don’t have a loan from SLB, I can go to the website to make the payments on behalf of my daughter . So there is a difference. The portal account is for SLB customers. On the website, anyone can make a payment on behalf of customers, whether they are customers themselves or not,” explained Rose Anderson.

To make a payment on behalf of a customer on the website, she said the person only needed the customer’s loan account number.

“They don’t have to share their tax registration number (TRN) or personal information, just the loan account number and then [they] can make a payment on behalf of any customer,” she noted.

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