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BHUBANESWAR: A study by researchers at the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR), Bhubaneswar, found that the effectiveness of the six-layer N95 mask reduced more than the simple N95 mask after being washed with detergents.
Surgical masks experienced the greatest reduction in filtration capacity after washing.
The results of the study titled “Evaluation of the Filtration Efficiency of Commercial Mask Materials Against Respiratory Aerosol Droplets” were published in the “Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association”. It found that the effectiveness of the six-layer N95 mask dropped by 3% after washing, while that of surgical masks dropped by 11%.
According to the study, the filtration efficiency of the valve-less N95 mask decreased by two percent after washing with detergent, while it decreased by four percent in a KN95 mask, by three percent in an N95 mask. with valve and 4% in a heavily knitted cotton mask. It was down 11% in a two-layer cotton mask, six percent in a double-layer nylon fabric mask, a double-layered T-shirt fabric each eight percent in a Single layer t-shirt.
“We conducted the experiments in an acrylic chamber and observed the filtration capabilities of the masks at different levels under different conditions,” said Trupti Das, senior scientist at IMMT Bhubaneswar. Das was part of the five-member research team, led by lead scientist Dr Ramaswamy Boopathy.
She said that a variety of masks in different shapes, shapes, designs and materials are available in the market nowadays. Face masks have become a dress accessory as well as a fashion trend. This is mainly due to the current pandemic situation, but face masks are also very useful in saving from air pollution, she said.
In this context, the researchers attempted to study the filtration efficiency of commonly available commercial masks. The study also found that the 6-layer N95 mask has the maximum filtration efficiency, followed by the valve-less N95 mask, the KN95 mask, the N95 mask with valve, the thick knitted cotton mask, the surgical mask and the 2-layer cotton mask.
It is observed that the increase in the knitting points of cotton masks tends to improve its filtration efficiency through the material. However, after washing the results were different. We therefore recommend the use of multi-layered N95 masks followed by N95 masks without valve, KN95 or N95 with valve masks and others depending on their effectiveness, the scientist added.

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