Westfield council considering medical campus and Union Square car park bailout • Current Edition

Westfield City Council heard presentations of four new agenda items at its June 13 meeting. Introductions included updating the traffic ordinance, issuing $12.25 million in bonds, an amendment to allow a medical lodge, and an amendment to the Woods, Robinson, Briggs project.

What happened: The council received an annual update to the city’s traffic ordinance.

What this means: Director of Public Works Johnathon Nail provided an update. He said the ordinance allows the police department to enforce bylaws on the streets as development occurs in Westfield.

And after: The board is expected to vote on the traffic ordinance at its June 27 meeting.

What happened: Council heard an introduction to an ordinance authorizing the city to issue bonds related to the Union Square parking garage project.

What this means: The order states that the city must issue $12.25 million in taxable economic development rental income bonds for the project. Proceeds from the bond will be loaned to the city’s building society for the purpose of financing the garage.

And after: The council will vote on the ordinance during its meeting on June 27.

What happened: Council heard an introduction for a proposed change to architectural standards in the development of planned units from Midtown to Westfield.

What this means: The amendment outlines modified architectural standards for a proposed medical pavilion building at US 31st and 191st Streets.

And after: The Planning Advisory Commission will consider the proposal at its July 5 meeting.

What happened: The board heard an amendment to the planned unit development Woods, Robinson, Briggs.

What this means: The amendment proposes to add 4.5 acres of additional real estate to the project and modifies the general regulations for standards relating to water features and parks/starting points of the project.

And after: The Plan Advisory Committee will hear about the proposed change at its July 5 meeting.

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